About my path.... 

I have heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  I wish to express my heartfelt and eternal gratitude to my pastor and teacher, Harlo White.  For over 20 years, he has been an example to me of uncompromising courage in the face of overwhelming opposition.  His unconditional love for the body of Christ and his dedication to the ministry have been a source of inspiration to me and to the many Sons of God whose lives have been blessed by his anointed preaching and teaching.  May the Father continue to elevate him to higher realms of Glory.
Just a few words about myself.  My name is Elena Gonzalez and I was born in New York City.  Thanks to the influence of a godly mother and two pentecostal aunts, I was exposed to the power of the Holy Spirit in my early childhood.  I have vivid memories of family prayer meetings where the fragrance of olive oil filled the house as my aunt anointed our foreheads and prophesied great things over each one of us.  I also recall visiting holy roller churches in the barrios of NYC where I sat frightened, but fascinated, by the manifestations of the Holy Ghost. 

During adolescence, I began a period of rebellion that was to last throughout my twenties.  I was never happy, but the lie of the enemy that had me in bondage was that we were not supposed to be happy, that my pain and anger were somehow the appropriate response to the state of the world and the suffering of humanity.  Although I would have never considered myself religious, I can see now that I was in bondage to the religious teaching that embraces suffering as a virtue. 

As my twenties drew to a close, I began to feel God drawing me to Himself.  He began to reveal His unconditional love to me at the same time that He showed me my true condition and my need for a Savior.  As Jesus became more real to me, bondages began to fall away.  In December of 1981 I turned my life over to the Lord and I began to seek Him with a whole heart.  The Father began to reveal things to my spirit concerning spiritual realities and spiritual warfare that I could not articulate .  I began to search for a church, a body of believers who were hungry for the Word and who desired to understand the deep things of God.  I was searching for a manifestation of the anointing that would break the yokes that still remained in my life.  In February of 1982, in Chicago, the Father led me to the ministry of Harlo White and to the message of the Kingdom of God .  The heavens were opened to me....

In the years that followed, the Lord revealed truths to my spirit that I felt led to put in writing.  The messages in this web site came from an inner unveiling of revelation truths that were in agreement with the various outward teachings that the Holy Spirit has led me to over the years.

May they bless and edify you.

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