Truth or Ice Cream?
Recently I came across a cartoon that the Spirit quickened to me. It was not hysterically funny, but it was loaded with spiritual insight. The scene was in heaven or what people conceive of as heaven (clouds). One man was standing under a sign that pointed right and said “Truth” and the other man was standing under another sign pointed in the opposite direction that said “Ice Cream”. The man under the Ice Cream sign said to the other man: “I’ll catch up with you – honest.”
The reality is that Truth comes at a price tha
t not everyone is willing to pay. The Word advises us to buy of Him gold tried in the fire and to anoint our eyes with eye salve. The price tag for this divine nature and insight into the mysteries of God is very steep. It will cost you everything: loss of reputation, friends, family, untold hardships and death to everything that is not like Him. But the rewards surely outweigh the cost.
What do you say? Truth or ice cream?